birth name Vincent Lorenzo "Enzo" Bessini. date of birth February 13, 1987 (28). current residence Astoria, Queens. occupation Artist, eventual owner. status Single, but shamelessly and regularly romantic though painfully picky. pets Leonardo, Donatello, and Rafeal. family Vincent, 59, co-owner (with two of his three brothers) of Fritz's, an Italian restaurant that's been in the family for generations. Aria, 58, lifelong caregiver and currently operating an in-home daycare for lesser priveldged families in Astoria. Carina, 33, attorney in the DA's office. Gio, 30, bar manager and marketing specialist for Fritz's. Alonzo, 26, financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and also kitchen manager at Fritz's. Adriana, 24, couch surfing between siblings, recent college graduate, seemingly permanent counter girl at Red Parlour. Liliana, 22, free spirit to the core, fashion blogger and internet personality. Aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins galore. As of November 2014, all four parents of Aria and Vincent are deceased.
Large families are envied and little Enzo didn't exactly understand why for a long, long time. He grew up with parents who were happily married and more than eager to procreate, giving him an even five siblings -- three sisters and two brothers. He fell right in the middle at child number three and was permanently blessed with middle child syndrome. Through childhood, Lorenzo -- affectionately nicknamed Enzo -- learned valuable lessons like the importance of hard work, the most effective strategies for negotiation, how to shift effortlessly between independence and generousity. It's safe to say that while his clothes were rarely new and his glasses were often held together by scotch tape, Enzo never lacked for love or affection, even if both emotions were sometimes delivered with strict words and strong hands.

Academics were harder for Enzo, surprising most people since his glasses perched proudly on his nose like a badge of honor, but he made it through high school without being the victim of too much bullying and without having his ego inflated too much. It was, honestly, an absolutely ordinary experience. Enzo shuffled into adulthood without a second thought of tossing all those lessons his mother, older sister, and aunts worked so hard to each him. Discipline aside, he focused on this newfound freedom that allowed him to literally do, say, and be whatever he wanted. Soon, though, he realized why he and his siblings were often forced to share clothes and toys. The real world was expensive. He quickly applied for and was awarded financial aid to attend NYU, where he majored in art, and picked up several odd jobs to allow him to travel.

Soon the things that were outlawed in his parents home -- drinking in excess, drugs of any sort, and women with loose morals -- were Enzo's primary focus and his favorite guilty pleasures. He spoiled himself with them, gaining what he'd later call valuable lessons along the way. By the time he graduated from NYU, Enzo was between a rock and a hard place. His lifestyle of partying until his memory was as black as the night sky was not welcome around his family and the habit had driven a serious wedge there. The choice was simple and it was his, his alone, and his father had made that clear to him several times over his time in college. Something about waking up with a bleeding nose and what seemed to be an intense stomach flu was the final straw. Enzo made the decision to be a family man again.

He relocated from Manhattan, where he had been living in a studio with two roommates, back to Astoria where he grew up and began to put himself back together. At the age of twenty-four, though, it didn't take him long to bounce back and get into the swing of things. His family, true to absolute form, did not miss a beat and took him back as though he had never been missing from their lives. Enzo returned to the grounded, sensible, calculated, genuine man that his mother had raised. He made his uncle proud by apprenticing at The Red Parlour and eventually taking a position as artist there. The third born and the last to leave, Enzo moved out of his mother and father's house two years ago when he was weeks shy of being twenty-six. Two years later, Enzo doesn't regret any of his decisions. Not even the bad ones.

facts Enzo doesn't speak Italian fluently, but he can get by; his accent was inherited, it's especially thick when he's angry.

Love is an emotion that Enzo feels regularly and often; actually, he quite enjoys the vulnerability and intimacy.

A lot of times, Enzo's genuine nature and lack of a filter combined with his compassion are mistaken for things they aren't.

Left several things in his younth: cocaine, opiates, clear whiskey, cigarettes, and an eager dick.

Most of the ink on him was done by relatives. A lot of the ink is for a specific person or a specific past-time.

Finds himself closest to the sister born right before him, Gia, more than he is his other siblings.

"Momma said there'd be days like this," is his favorite metaphor and he uses it all the time, it's his catch phrase.

Enzo was named after his father's father and his mother's father, but he was only ever lucky enough to meet his mother's father.

Has a soft spot (a lot of them, actually) but one of his biggest is for animals; Enzo's heavily involved in the ASPCA charity.

Relationships tend to move fast with Enzo given how charming and emotional he is, but he's never been engaged or gone beyond living with a woman.

Each and every Sunday, without fail, he is at his mother's rowhouse in Astoria for a giant gathering of family that consists of drinking and food and catching up.

Everything from the 80's (music/movies) is gold, live bands and open mic nights are always a good time, and he never turns down a good Netflix marathon.

The Red Parlour is owned by Giovani Bessini, Enzo's uncle and the other one of the four brothers on the Bessini side that did not get involved in Fritz's.
residences astoria, queens

played by: mateus verdelho (but with regular ass teeth). contact. credit. cst. adult or ftb.